Tallest Lord Krishna Murti in India at Gaur Yamuna City At Yamuna Expressway

Greater Noida: In Gaur Yamuna City situated Yamuna Expressway, Lord Krishna is going to be the tallest statue of God. This statue is not only of the UP West, but also the highest statue of Lord Krishna of India. The statue built on the cost of about 3.5 million rupees was worshiped on Thursday. It will take about one and a half year to build this statue.

Whose height is 135 feet from the ground. There are so many big statues of Lord Krishna that are in Mathura and Vrindavan and every year millions of followers pass through Yamuna Expressway for their philosophy. With the formation of this idol, not only will the area get a new identity. Rather, the area connected with the Yamuna Expression will also become devotional and simultaneously, 135 feet high statue of Lord Shri Krishna, built in Gaur Yamuna City of Delhi-NCR, will be the tallest statue of Lord Krishna in entire India.

This idol will be constructed by the famous sculptor of Jaipur, Vishnu Sharma Kreeng, with which two Puja Halls will be constructed. The temple premises along with the idol will be constructed in 1000 square meters and it will take about one and half years to build. Gaursons Group will spend the entire cost of making this idol.

About this, Manoj Gaur, managing director of Gaursons Group, says that it is a matter of pride for everyone that the Lord Krishna’s 135 feet high statue of God Shri Krishna in Gaur Yamuna City will be added and the name of Krishna God will be added from the Yamuna city. Thereby, the entire area will be painted in the color of devotion and holy.

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