The proposed airport metro’s Detail Project Report (DPR) has been prepared from Greno to Jewar. According to the report, from the Knowledge Park-2 to the Airports formed in Jewelry, The route of the Metro will be 35.64 km long. There will be 25 stations on this route. From the knowledge park-2 to the airport terminal, The Metro will reach 27 minutes. There will be about 2.5 kilometers long route underground route to the airport terminal in Jeweler. Starting the construction of this route from next year, the goal of running the Metro is by 2025. It will cost Rs 5,708 crore.

Explain that the construction of the airport is set to be completed by 2025. Therefore, the construction of the Airport Metro has also been targeted to be completed by 2025 to bring the people of Delhi-NCR to the Jewar Airport. The Yamuna Authority had entrusted the DPR of the Airport Metro to DMRC. Yamuna Authority CEO Dr. Arunvir Singh on Thursday told that DMRC has prepared the DPR of the Airport Metro and handed it to the Authority. According to the DPR, the route of the Metro will be 35.64 km long by the airport.

From this there will be 25 Metro Stations from Greater Noida Knowledge Park-2 to the Airport Terminal in Jewar. Out of these, the remaining 17 will be in the remaining 17 Yamuna City areas in the station Greno. On the Metro elevated track, along the Yamuna Expressway, adjacent to the proposed airport near the edge of the Jewer. From there to the Airport Terminal will be 2.7 km root underground.

The target in the DPR has been to start construction on it since 2020. By 2025, this metro has the goal of running. The cost of this project will be Rs 5,708 crores. According to the DPR, 82,242 passengers will travel daily in this metro.

These will be stations

Knowledge Park-2, Sector Chai-Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, GBU, Night Safari, Musharpur, Sector 17 A Sport City, Yamaha City, 26A, Niu, Galgotia University, 22 A, B, 18-A, B, 22 -C, Sector 18, 19, 20, 21, 28, 29, Nagla Hukam Singh and Airport Terminal.

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