Noida. Noida and Greater Noida property registrar of today have become expensive. The new rates set by the district administration circle rates are effective from today. Noida’s Sector 15 A, and 44 is the most expensive residential property registrar. Commercial property in the center of business activities in Noida Sector 18 will be the most expensive of the patent. Similarly, in Greater Noida Jaypee Green residential and commercial property in Alpha commercial belt is expensive to buy. Agricultural land has been increased by an average of ten per cent. Giving relief to flat buyers were not raised. Noida, Greater Noida multi-storey buildings are rising rapidly. Builder features the name of the fat charge from buyers. Buyers relief, the administration of this apartment has not been raised in the circle rates. Lift, swimming pool, security features, including the name of the fee to be collected from five per cent to three per cent has been reduced. 15 per cent to 25 per cent duty has been reduced. Greater Noida facility fee of two per cent is retained, but the maximum fee reduced from 12 per cent to ten per cent have been. Mnjilwar in multi-storey buildings are exempt. In the past three and five per cent discount on the upper floor was applied. Its ceiling was twenty percent. It has been reduced to two per cent. Twenty per cent of the maximum limit has been laid. But the exemption will apply the fifth floor. Up to four thousand square meters of industrial estate there was no increase in the circle rates. This area of the property for more allocation rate and adding Lijrent circle rates were fixed. If the former is greater than the circle rates will apply. Developed sectors of Greater Noida alpha, beta, gamma, delta in the circle rates have been increased by a thousand per sqm.


This allows for greater convenience, but also for information-sharing across a multiplicity of doctors, nurses, specialists, and pharmacists.

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