Delhi Metro to extend Dwarka-Noida City Center corridor to Greater Noida  SHARE

Delhi Metro to extend Dwarka-Noida City Center corridor to Greater Noida SHARE

NEW DELHI: If you’re looking to buy a flat in the interiors of Noida or in Greater Noida, here’s some good news. Delhi Metro is extending its existing Dwarka-Noida City Center corridor till Sector 62 and, thereafter, to Greater Noida. The Sector 52 station will be an interchange station for another Metro line planned for Greater Noida.The alignment of the NOIDA CITY CENTER extension till Sector 62–a distance of 6.6km–will connect Noida with the heart of Delhi. One of the longest corridors in the Delhi Metro network, the extension will pass through sectors 34, 51, 59 and 62 to Electronic City. The proposed extension will start from the dead end of the existing Noida City Center station and run straight along the median of Captain SHASHI KANT MARG for about 2.2km before taking a left turn near Sector 52. It will run straight on the median of road leading to Sector 62 and along NH-24 for about 4.5km.”While taking the left turn from Captain Shashi Kant Marg towards Electronic City, it has been kept in view that there will be a need in the future to have grade separator arrangement (with clover leaves) at this crossing,” said a Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) official.The length of the extension from dead end of Noida City Center station to the planned dead end near NH-24 is 6.675km.In Noida, the existing corridor has stations in sectors 15, 16 and 18, Botanical Garden, Golf Course and Noida City Center. “Botanical Garden station is planned as an interchange station for the Janakpuri-Botanical Garden line of Ph-III,” the official added. This corridor will be 36km long with over 20 stations. It is one of the two corridors coming up in Phase III of the network.The extension to Electronic City and beyond is expected to give a boost to the connectivity in NCR. What makes the alignment exciting, according to Delhi Metro, is the plan to have Noi da Sector 52 as an interchange station for the Metro line planned for Greater Noida.”The recommended network in the `Revised Metro Plan for 2021′ prepared by DMRC totalled a length of 413.83km, comprising Delhi and adjoining parts of NCR, and was slated for completion latest by 2021 in phases,” said the Metro spokesperson.

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